15 March 2020

Conceptual illustration

I've recently got interested in the idea of conceptual illustration. I follow Bardot Brush on Instagram, and she had come up with some conceptual illustration prompts as part of the Making Art Every Day challenge. She has a really good tutorial that explains what conceptual illustration is, and how to do it!

Conceptual illustration is about conveying ideas, e.g. by combining two unrelated concepts rather than just drawing things as they are, and it's used a lot in editorial illustration. Without knowing it, I'd already been doing conceptual illustration for the AInktober challenge last year, which I loved!
I decided to try some of the Making Art Every Day conceptual illustration prompts, and, rather than just going straight ahead to the drawings, I took advice from the tutorial and brainstormed various ideas in a sketchbook first. The drawings here are lemon + eye, pasta + hair, and bread + bed.

I'm planning to draw more of the prompts, and have come up with some ideas of my own too. It's definitely a type of illustration that really appeals to me!

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