10 October 2019

Pyjama shorts

A few years ago I bought the book Love at First Stitch by Tilly Walnes, with the plan that over that summer I would work my way through all the projects in the book. That plan didn’t come to fruition – I made the first project, a simple headscarf, then got no further! 
Last month, with my clothes spending ban in place, I decided that sewing would be a good way to fight the cravings for new clothes, and picked the book up again. The next project in the book was a pair of pyjama trousers, and I’d always fancied making these as a pair of shorts. 
I looked out some lovely Holly Hobbie-ish bedding that I’d bought recently at a charity shop, and got to work! Because I used secondhand material that I already had, and I also already had the thread and ribbon needed, this was another great eco friendly project. 
The shorts only took me an afternoon to make, and now I’m excited to try making more clothes! I’m not going to go through the whole book, though, as I’ve realised I’m better sticking to the styles of clothing I am most likely to wear. So maybe a dungaree dress will be my next project!

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