07 October 2019

Eco makes: napkins and wipes

This month is all about being eco friendly, so here are some things I made to help me produce less waste.

I’ve got quite a few napkins in my airing cupboard that I’ve bought secondhand, but they are all a bit too nice for everyday use. So I decided to make some everyday napkins to use instead of kitchen paper. I used secondhand material to make these, mostly duvet covers and pillowcases that I’ve bought at charity shops and car boot sales. I just cut the fabric to the same size as a piece of kitchen paper, and frayed the edges slightly. Because these are for very informal use, there was no point spending time hemming the edges!

For the reusable face wipes, I cut two squares from an old flannel pillowcase for each wipe, and sewed the edges with an overlocking type stitch.

I’m using a lot less kitchen paper and cotton wool now that I’ve started using my napkins and wipes!

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