20 October 2019

Bullet journal ideas: Clothes

When I heard about Secondhand September, I became a bit obsessed with recording data about my clothes in my bullet journal! I have created a number of different pages about my clothes. 
Clothing statistics – I made graphs and statistics of how many items of each category I have in my wardrobe, how many are secondhand or new, and how much I spend. If I spend any more on clothes this year I’ll have to adjust the bar chart, so that’s encouraging me not to spend any!

Wardrobe essentials - all the basic useful items I have in my wardrobe, and those I'm thinking of getting in future.

Clothing log – I have started creating a log of the number of wears each item in my wardrobe gets. I have space to record up to 50 wears for each, and I think that’s a good number to aim for. If I was to do this again, I’d group the items by category, as it’s hard to find things in the list.

The Curated Closet - notes that I took from the book.

Outfit formulae - types of outfit that work well for me.
Secondhand September – I drew all the outfits that I wore for the month 

Old(er) and Unworn October – I’m recording my outfits again. This time I’m trying to wear some of the older items in my wardrobe, and some of the items that I don’t wear very often. Doing Secondhand September got me into wearing a lot of items I hadn’t worn much, or for a while, so I’m looking forward to rediscovering more of my wardrobe!

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