11 July 2019

Re-learning French

I've recently been getting into improving my high school French. It started when I came across La Difference Invisible, and realised that graphic novels (or bandes dessinées as they're called in French), would be a good way of reading French, with their short paragraphs, and pictures to help me understand what's going on.
After that I read a book of short stories for readers of intermediate French, which came with hints and tips on reading in a language you're learning (e.g. get the gist rather than trying to understand every single word), and a multiple choice test and vocab at the end of each chapter.
I'm now reading a few more graphic novels, and I've been getting into listening to a few podcasts. I'm finding listening to the podcasts even better practice than the books, as there's no opportunity to look up words in the dictionary, you just have to try to understand it.
The podcasts I'm listening to are Duolingo French, and Inner French. Both of them feature interesting subjects, and French spoken at a speed I can more or less follow as long as I concentrate. I've also been watching the France 24 tv channel, on which they talk far too fast for me to follow most of it!
I've got my old school jotters out, to have a read through some of the vocabulary I once knew! And there's still space in one of the vocab jotters to add some more!
Over the years I've watched a lot of French films, but never without the subtitles. I may at some point attempt to watch Amelie without subtitles, as I know it almost off by heart anyway! I also tried some years ago to read the first Harry Potter book in French, but I didn't finish it - I found it a bit too difficult. When I've improved my reading a bit more I'll try again!

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