04 July 2019

High style jewellery at low cost

I recently came across this magazine article about the latest jewellery must-haves, with prices that made me laugh because I have nearly all these items in my wardrobe at a fraction of the cost! In fact, most of these items cost £1 or less, with the most expensive being about £10. Those in the magazine article cost between £29 and £17,700, with most being in the hundreds!

So here are my tips for places to pick up high style jewellery at a low price!

These beads cost about £1 from a charity shop. Other good places to look for secondhand jewellery include car boot sales, jumble sales, and antique shops.

Make your own:
I've lost one of these earrings, but I still like to wear the single one on its own! I repurposed an old pair of earrings by adding an embroidery thread tassel. The blue beaded hoops in the magazine article would also be easy to make.

This necklace and these earrings were very cheap in the sales, I think £1 each. My favourite places to look include Miss Selfridge and Matalan.

Local boutiques:
Have a look around your local towns and cities to find interesting shops that sell jewellery. I've found some really unusual pieces in a couple of Edinburgh shops (although they have both closed down now). This necklace was the most expensive of those I've featured in this post, but at about £10 it was still much cheaper than those in the magazine!

Lucky dip bags:
This beaded bracelet was part of a £1 lucky dip bag at a shop in Edinburgh, which contained other items too. You could also make something like this really easily!

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