07 July 2018

Royal wedding hats

I’ve started a tradition of drawing the hats worn at royal weddings. This began with William and Kate’s wedding in 2011, when I drew outfits and hats, and I think I had the idea after drawing the outfits in the movie Amelie shortly before that.

This time, for Harry and Meghan’s wedding, I was getting back into monochrome drawings in my Moleskine sketchbook after doing some architectural drawings so I decided to draw in that style and concentrate on the hats.
I later had fun reading all the descriptions of Camilla's hat on Twitter, so here are some for your amusement. It looked like a crepe paper centrepiece, a pink dahlia, a flamingo in a hurricane, rotor blades, a live animal, a bird's nest, a pavlova, a plate, a UFO, pink wafer biscuits, a retro cushion, a pinata, an ottoman, a jammy dodger, a deli platter, a satellite dish, a gateau, an arsehole, a cupcake, cocktail prawns, and like Charles sat on it!

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