10 July 2018

Moray House

With my current interest in brutalist architecture, I decided to go and seek out this sculptural mural on Moray House in Edinburgh. These panels are on Charteris Land, which was built in the 1960s, and are designed by David Miller who was a member of staff at Moray House. There is a fourth panel that I didn't see, so I'll have to seek that out! I hadn't realised it was there just to the left of the others but at a right angle.
When I'd seen photos of these before I'd assumed they were small and maybe above a door, but they are actually much larger in scale, and are taller than a person.
The three panels here symbolise mazes used in memory retention experiments, the shape of life being determined by external influences, and units of knowledge being assimilated, and the fourth one is about the interdependence of man, woman and child.
I love the style of these, and I think they'd make great jewellery designs!

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