05 June 2018

Lauriston Castle gardens

A rainy Sunday morning suddenly brightened up, and I quickly got myself ready for my first attempt at motorway driving! I’ve always had a fear of joining dual carriageways and motorways, and it was something I decided last year that I should work towards conquering. After a whole year of reading about it, watching videos, and paying attention while travelling by bus, it was finally time to try it!
Lauriston Castle was the perfect place for my first motorway trip, and my first time driving in Edinburgh. Lauriston Castle is somewhere I’ve only been a handful of times before, because I had to rely on buses (and on one occasion the bus home drove right past me!) or my parents.
I really wanted to visit the Japanese garden with the cherry blossoms beginning to fall from the trees, and it was the next best thing to being in Japan!
I mentioned on Facebook that I was there, and my cousin commented that she and her family were coming there in a little while. So I also got to spend time with them which was wonderful!

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