23 April 2018

Bullet journal ideas: Motivational pages

One of the great aspects of bullet journals is how you can use them to motivate you and boost your mood. Here are some of the ways I use mine to motivate me.

Copying quotes that inspire or motivate me into my bullet journal is something that I find really useful. You can copy quotes or poems from books, or search the internet for something that you like.

Habit trackers :
I started a habit tracker in February, and I'm finding it a useful way to motivate me to do daily tasks. I started off in February with a list of about 20 things to do each day, but I found that I struggled to achieve this (especially when I caught a fluey bug in the middle of the month). In March I cut this down to the three things I definitely wanted to do each day. What I found was that I then started to forget to do some of the other things because I wasn't getting "points" for them! So in April I brought a few more back in, and I will decide each month what I want on the list.

Mood trackers:
I'm finding my mood tracker for the year really helpful, because it shows I'm a lot happier than I thought I was! Sometimes we can let a few bad moments in the day cloud our thoughts, but looking at the day as a whole helps me to see that it was mostly happy. The only thing I'd do differently about this next time is to make angry and joyful less similar in colour!

Fruit stickers:
This is a page I've recently started to try to motivate me to eat more fruit. I'm now always looking for fruit with cool stickers on it that I can add to the page!

Goals page:
I created a list of goals at the start of the year. I think I need to look at this page more so that I will remember to work towards these goals! But I have been making progress on them anyway. My beachcombing walks are ticking off lots of these goals all at once! And I couldn't really say no when my local charity shop asked me to be on the board of trustees, since community involvement was one of my main goals for the year!

Collection of compliments:
Often we can let the bad things that people say about us fester away in our minds, and not remember all the good things that have been said! So I've started to collect all the good things and write them in my bullet journal. It will be especially good to look at if I'm feeling down.

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