26 March 2018

Bullet journal ideas: my month in doodles

I had seen a couple of memes going round on Instagram, one of which was My month in gifs (but don’t get me started on how everyone keeps using the word gif these days when what they mean is animated gif!). Anyway, I decided to transfer this idea to my bullet journal, since I’d been thinking of having some doodle pages in it anyway.
I started this at the end of February, so I set it up for the two months of February and March. Each page has 6 boxes, which are labelled Mood, Watching, Listening, Eating, Doing, and Reading. For each of these I’m doing a doodle, and adding text if necessary to clarify what the doodle is meant to be! I’m also trying to keep to a bit of a colour scheme for the doodles each month, and carry across some of the colours across the two pages.
In future months I may use the same topics for the boxes, or vary them a bit. And I won’t necessarily do it every month. But in time it will be a great record of what I’ve been doing over the year or longer. 

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