23 February 2018

Bullet journal book trackers

One of the things that I'm finding my bullet journal really useful for is tracking my reading and book collections. I've shown you some of my reading trackers already, but since then I've been creating some more to keep track of some of the books I enjoy reading.
I've recently got into the work of a couple of local authors, Val McDermid and Jenny Colgan, so I wanted to create lists of their work and track those books I own or have read. For Val McDermid I did a very simple crime-themed spread.
I based the Jenny Colgan spread on the book I was reading at the time, The Endless Beach. I loved the colours of the cover, the style of illustration, and the brush lettering, so I used all of these. For each of these authors I divided the books up into the various series and standalone novels.
I always seem to turn to Italian crime novels in the summer months, and I have been working my way through the books of Andrea Camilleri and Donna Leon. I combined these on one spread with a simple map of Italy in the middle, with dots representing the settings of the books (I just did a rough guess of where in Sicily to locate the Montalbano books!).
Finally I created a list of the Abbey Girls books by Elsie Oxenham. Now that I have completed my Chalet School collection I can think about building up my collection of these.


Sum of their Stories said...

It's good to see your super successful bullet journalling. I tried this time last year but ended up getting a diary with a pages for notes each week instead. i love the idea and how pretty they can be. Maybe I'll try again next year!

Emma said...

That's what I love about bullet journaling - it can be different for every person! I'd never be able to stick to using it on a daily basis but I love using it for all my random lists!

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