16 January 2018

Doodle / activity books

I've found that doodle, colouring and activity books are a great way of relaxing and occupying yourself when you are stuck in the house, stuck at your desk at lunchtime, or on a train or plane.

Doodle books:
Flying Tiger is a great source of these! They consist of photos or drawings on top of which you can add your own doodles. It's a great way of exercising your creativity.

Another type of doodle book is Hirameki, which consists of ink blots that you doodle on top of.
Colouring books:
There are so many colouring books on the market, and on so many different themes! Choose a theme that particularly appeals to you - I like ones based on a Japanese theme. I particularly like colouring postcards, because they are compact and easy to use - no struggling to get to the centre edges of the page!
If you're colouring at home you can use a huge box of pencils for maximum choice of colours. But for colouring out and about use a small tub of tiny pencils, or a pack of double-ended pencils.

Activity books:
There are lots of craft books around, but particularly useful for this purpose are those that require few materials, and have projects that take only a few minutes. I found origami to be perfect for this, because all you need is a pack of origami paper, which you could tuck inside the cover of the book. And many finished origami models are flat and can be placed inside the book for safe keeping.
Also great is this lettering book, Creative Lettering and Beyond, which has pages on which you can practice your own lettering.

 And the Paper Lovers books from Kikki K have envelopes, gift tags, and other shapes, that you can press out and construct.

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