22 January 2018

Bullet journal ideas: Random acts of kindness

Today I'm starting a week of bullet journal ideas, starting off with this spread about random acts of kindness. 
I'm pretty new to bullet journalling. So new that I had to look for information on whether the British spelling is "journalling" or "journaling". And I couldn't find much conclusive information on that, so I'm sticking to "journalling" which just feels right to me!
I would find it far too much of a chore to have daily / weekly / monthly spreads in my bullet journal, and I know I would never keep it up, so my bullet journal is purely devoted to all those random lists that have no other home.

I've been reading some books on happiness recently, and one of the ideas that came out of that was kindness. So I started a list of things I could do to be kind to others, and my bullet journal was the perfect place to record them.
I'm marking the different acts of kindness off as I do them. There are some on the list that I have done previously before starting the list, but I haven't marked them off as they are things I'd like to do again.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

This is such a lovely idea, you've picked some great RAOK too.

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