12 December 2017

Leuchtturm sketchbook and Copic markers

I've been treating myself to a lot of Copic Ciao markers recently, to add to the Copic Sketch marker set I bought last Christmas. Now that I'm getting more used to using them, I have more idea of what colours I need. And I actually think the design of the cheaper Ciao markers looks more stylish, with the coloured caps.
Since I'm using them more, I needed somewhere to draw with them. I was finding my Moleskine a bit small. I'd bought a couple of spiral-bound Copic pads which are good for some things, but I wanted something similar to a Moleskine but bigger. I ended up getting a Leuchtturm sketchbook.

I've only done a couple of drawings in this sketchbook so far, but I'm really liking it. I'm enjoying the fact that the paper is white, unlike the cream of the Moleskine. I'm looking forward to doing lots more drawing in the Leuchtturm sketchbook. My only problem is getting it mixed up with my Leuchtturm bullet journal because I bought them both in the same colour!

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