05 September 2017

Golden wedding card

My parents have just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, so I wanted to make them a card but was struggling for ideas. When I went to Google Images to get some ideas, everything seemed so predictable with images of golden rings or hearts, and I wanted to do something a little bit different. Eventually I saw an outline image of a tree with two birds in the branches, and that's what sparked the idea for this card.
It seems like ages since I've had any crafts on the blog! I've been out and about so much that there hasn't been much time!

1. Cut a heart shape from green patterned paper using decorative scissors.

2. Cut a trunk from brown card.

3. Cut a pot shape from terracotta card, and another piece for the rim of the pot.

4. Cut two birds and a bow from yellow card.

5. Glue everything to the card and draw eyes on the birds.
As well as the card we gave our parents a golden rose and heather. I had these waiting on their doorstep for them when they returned from a night away.

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