19 August 2017

Backhouse Rossie garden

When Dad and I were in Edinburgh a few weeks ago, a leaflet caught my eye. "Walled garden with themes of art and science"; it sounded right up my street. Then, when I saw where it was, I realised it was only a short drive from home, so I headed up to Backhouse Rossie on one of the few sunny days of my summer holidays!
When I arrived, one of the owners, Caroline, immediately greeted me and gave me lots of information about the estate and what there was to see and do. As well as the walled garden, there's a cafe, a walk to a Covenanter's tomb, a putting green, a children's walk with animal sculptures, plants for sale, and the toilets are very nice indeed!
I immediately made my way to the walled garden, and I wasn't disappointed. It was beautifully laid out with so many paths and seating places, and lots of plants in flower. 
There was an infinity symbol, a labyrinth with a standing stone at the centre, a shell path based on the structure of DNA with a sculpture at the middle of it, a long rose arch, a pond, a greenhouse, and so many trees laden with fruit. And at the centre of the orchard area was a tree grafted from Sir Isaac Newton's apple tree!
After that I explored the rest of the estate. I didn't spot any of the red squirrels, unfortunately, but I did see a robin (unfortunately just as my camera battery ran out!) and lots of beautiful butterflies!
I'd love to go back to the garden at other times of the year to see what plants were in flower. I think it would be lovely at any time.

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