10 June 2017

Recently thrifted

I've found some great thrifted items recently, and that's without counting those I got at the Christian Aid book sale, or at the Meadows Festival, or the Grassmarket Vintage Weekend, or the collection of Observer guides that I've started!

These are some items that I found at local charity shops. I visited Tuscany two years ago, and I love illustrated books, so this illustrated recipe book about Tuscan food was a great find. 

I've loved Scandinavian painted items since I visited Norway when I was a student (and I've even done a craft project inspired by them), so this little wooden box is a lovely addition to my small collection.

And cactus themed jewellery is something I really love at the moment, so these earrings and necklace were a great find at only £2! I don't think they are real silver, but they are real turquoise.

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