08 June 2017

Ombre spray-painted necklace

I recently popped in to a shop called Joe (aka Joe Cool) in Edinburgh. This is a fun little jewellery shop just next to Greyfriars Bobby, and it's been there forever (or at least since the 70s). This is a shop I've loved since I first visited it in the 80s. They do little mystery bags, at £1 or £2. I thought it would be fun to treat myself to a £2 bag and see what I got. As well as some other items (a bangle, ring, bracelet and earrings), I got this necklace in the bag. I knew that some of the items in the bag might not be quite to my taste, so I had in mind that I could do something creative with them.
The necklace started off with plain brown and cream wooden beads, which I found a bit boring, so I decided to attack it with some spray paint. I had a look at the paints I had available, and couldn't choose between the mint and pink so I decided to use both.

It's really easy to make this ombre effect!

1. Cover the necklace cord with masking tape.

2. Using the pink paint, spray the beads, making sure that you turn the necklace around to get both sides.

3. Using the mint paint, spray the top half of the necklace. Make it more concentrated at the top, and less so further down.

4. Hang the necklace up to dry (I put mine on the handlebars of my bike!).

5. Remove the masking tape.

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