01 June 2017

Periodic table card

Since we're chemistry graduates, I thought a periodic table themed card would be perfect for Dad! After puzzling for a while over how to get the right letters, I eventually gave up and went online to check how other people had done it! It turns out that there's no way to get all the letters, since there are not enough elements with A in their symbols!
It's a really easy card to make.

1. Cut or punch eight squares of card.

2. Stamp them with the symbols.

3. Write the numbers on by hand, in a pen to match the stamping ink.

4. If your recipient is not quite so scientifically minded, you may need to add a few other chemistry motifs around the edge so they know what the card's about!
I'm showing off the card here with my much-loved necklace from i am acrylic!

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