23 May 2017

My pin collection

It took me a while to get into collecting enamel pins. I bought some last autumn, but earlier this year I started buying lots more! I had a few I’d picked up over the years, but there are so many great pin designers now that I couldn’t resist collecting more and more!


I started my collection off with a mainly Japanese theme. I loved hunting Etsy for pins to go with this theme, but I did get a little frustrated that some of them were in other countries with high postage, so I mainly stuck to those from the UK. One of my favourites is the Mount Fuji pin by Marceline of Asking for Trouble - the reason it's not in the photo of my banner is because I was wearing it!

I did, however, buy a couple from Japan. They are not actually pins, but have a screw back on them, so they are best for using in a buttonhole. I think they are supposed to be some sort of hiking badges? I just loved the designs on them so much. I also bought the beautiful moon pin by OHNORachio, because it reminded me of a scene in one of my favourite films, the Japanese film Afterlife. 

Japan, mountains, and space

But it was the “I know where my towel is” pin by Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes that got me addicted to collecting pins on other themes. My family are all great fans of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, so, when this pin was released a few months before my brother’s 42nd birthday, I just had to get one for him and another for me!
Since then, my collection has expanded into various themes other than Japan and space / sci-fi (I added another Hitchhiker’s themed pair by Jade Boylan). Some of the other themes are tea, mountains, cats, feelings (especially those that are a bit amusingly introverty), and plants. I also like to group pins by colour, shape or size. I particularly like pins that are circular, and I like black or pastel colours. 

I think that’s one of my favourite things about my pin collection – finding new combinations to wear together! Things like speech bubbles or thought bubbles are really good for this, because you can combine them with other pins in fun ways.

Tea, feelings, and other random things

It would take me way too long to mention all the sellers of all the different pins, but if you have a browse around on Etsy you’ll find the majority of them there!
Cute foodstuffs and plants

 Mountains, space, and cats


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