10 February 2017

Everything, Everything

Recently I've started to read more real books rather than ebooks. I had noticed that Kindle books were drifting up to £4.99 and the equivalent paperbacks were just £3.85. While there are some disadvantages to reading real books (for example I can easily read my Kindle while drying my hair or cooking), I'm enjoying reading either sort of book. And with real books I get to see the beautiful cover illustrations, of which this is a good example.

This was a book that came up a couple of times as a recommended item, then I saw a colleague post on Instagram that she was really enjoying it, so I decided to give it a go.

The book was a really quick, easy read, because a lot of it is written as text messages, emails, or short chapters. This meant it was easy to read a page or two at a time in between other things.

I did figure out something that might have been described as a plot twist long before it came up, but the author did manage to throw me off the track a little later, so I was still left guessing. I love the way that the cover design is related to the structure of the book too, with the main character's world expanding.

It was a really great coming-of-age book, and I loved the main character Madeline's positive attitude to life.

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