12 February 2017

10 years of emuse: The first posts

It's fun to look back at how my blog has grown and evolved over the past 10 years! So I've gone right back to the beginning to have a look at my very first 5 posts on emuse.

It's quite good that I started my very first blog post with a selfie! Not only did it set the scene for what was to come, with my Sunday self-portraits feature, but it shows exactly how much I have changed since then. I started growing my hair the year after that, and it's been long more or less ever since!

This was the very first post on my blog, when I was just starting to think about what I might want to write. I'd had a website already, with crafts, family history and other topics, but I wanted to try a different format which I could update more easily. At first the idea of a blog was a bit strange to me, because it worked more as a diary than a website, but over the years I've found out more about how to re-use and link to previous posts so that content doesn't get lost in the mists of time as I'd feared it would.

This was the post that made me want to have a blog. I had been thinking about how digital and handmade art was working together, and wanted somewhere I could express those thoughts.

This is something that is still very important to me. I recently took part in Veganuary, cooking and eating vegan food for a month, and my main reason for doing this was the environmental impact of animal-based agriculture. I also feature a lot of upcycling projects here on emuse.

I also like that I used cut-paper lettering on this recycling-themed postcard, because that's something that I still like to do, as you can see in the blog's header and the greetings cards below.

Drawing is something that has always been important to me, and continues to be so. I still draw in this little notebook on occasion and I hope I'll be able to get another one when it's finally finished! It's a great size for carrying around, and I love the square format.

Cards for men are always a challenge! I've updated the photos in this post after writing another one on the same subject more recently.

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