06 February 2017

10 years of emuse: Most popular posts

I'm celebrating ten years of emuse this month! It's hard to believe that the time has gone by so quickly. Since it's my blog's 10th anniversary, I thought it would be fun to look back and see what the most popular posts have been! They are a rather eclectic, but creative, bunch.

1. In first place, it's my guide to designing your own set of Russian dolls:
This post is one that I wrote in 2014, as a way of displaying in tutorial form the various Russian dolls that I had painted. I'm really pleased that this post is so popular, because I am really proud of the three sets of Russian dolls featured in it.

2. The second most popular post, from 2010, is my drawings of all the outfits worn by the main character in the movie Amelie:

I'm not surprised this post did so well, because it's such a popular film!

3. The third most popular is my hair comb decorated with nail polish flowers:

Annoyingly the most pinned image from this post (not the one I've used here) is one where I did a very poor Photoshop job of lightening some of the background - it looks fine in Photoshop and Blogger on my monitor but pretty shoddy on Pinterest - it always makes me cringe when I see it there! I should get round to replacing it with a better image.

4. In fourth place is a very similar project, also made with nail polish and wire:

This was from one of my favourite themed months on the blog, when I did lots of Charles Rennie Mackintosh themed projects. On one particular day when this post was first becoming popular, I sat and watched hits coming in to the blog from around the world!

5. And finally, in fifth place:
I'm actually surprised this post has been so popular, because it was only a couple of small photos with links to the patterns elsewhere online! In fact, it was not even the post I thought it was, because I assumed it had photos of the origami birds book I'd bought at a book sale, and it turned out no such blog post exists - I took photos but mustn't have ever written it! (But now I have!). I've now resized the images in this post, written a little bit more, and linked it to some of my other origami projects.

The top search terms that bring people to my blog are:
garden of cosmic speculation
amelie outfits
origami birds
amelie outfit
amelie clothes
the garden of cosmic speculation
goodbye cards
origami bunny
origami bird

Looking at which posts and search terms have been most popular gave me the idea of revamping these posts a bit, and creating links from them to some of my other posts, and maybe writing some new posts on similar topics!


Kirsty Hebdon said...

10 years of blogging, that's absolutely amazing! Congratulations!

Unknown said...

I love the Russian dolls, that's so unique and congratulations on 10 years! I blog about DIY and creative living at hapinesswherever.com - maybe we can do a collaboration one day? (PS Found your link via the C Bloggers group on Facebook :) )

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