29 December 2016

This month I have been mostly...

I hadn’t watched the first series of The Missing, because the idea of a young child going missing sounded too upsetting, but the storyline of the second series intrigued me, so I recorded it and I found it totally gripping and am now tempted to go back to watch the first series. I watched it all in about 4 days. I found the different timelines a bit confusing at first, but then they started to make sense. I'm also watching Swedish series Modus which I'm enjoying too.

The Man in the Queue by Josephine Tey was a strange read. I'd been meaning to read her books since going to a talk about her recently, and buying her autobiography (which I'll read after reading more of her books). The story was interesting and had lots of twists and turns, and the characters were compelling, but the ending seemed to come out of nowhere and I was left with lots of questions about some loose ends. And it was very off-putting that the word Dago was used so often - I can understand why some editions have edited this out. I'm now onto reading Hercule Poirot's Christmas, which I'd started a few years ago but not got very far with, so I hope to finish it this time!
I went to the pantomime this month for the first time since childhood - oh yes I did! Also went for a few Christmas meals out with friends and colleagues. And I've basically just been having a hygge time and drinking lots of hot chocolate and soup! And eating a lot of sweet clementines to try to ward off any colds after I caught it about 3 times in a row!

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