23 December 2016

Drawings to celebrate a school anniversary

I showed you a lot of projects last month from the 60th anniversary of the school where I work, but this is actually a big year for anniversaries – it’s also 50 years since my university, Heriot-Watt University, gained its royal charter and changed from a college to a university, but, most importantly of all, it’s 40 years since my primary school, Pitteuchar West Primary School, opened to pupils.
I think the school is planning to celebrate the official opening ceremony, so that won’t be until next June. But, since I was there in 1976, this is my time to commemorate the school!

I’ve written a little booklet about the history of the school, and the things that happened when I was there, and that’s something I really hope the school will be able to print and sell.
These are the illustrations I’ve done to go along with what I’ve written. I may have to change the years on the front cover, though, if they are not celebrating until next year!
The drawings include a map of the area, some of the things you might have got from the tuck shop, the school houses, which are named after Scottish hills, and the owl-loving headmaster Mr Baigrie (which was inspired by an illustration by Kit Williams).

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