25 November 2016

GHS 50 postcard

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Glenrothes High School, where I work, I did this watercolour illustration then had it printed as postcards. I sold most of the postcards to the school at cost price to put on the merchandise stall at the anniversary events, and I kept a handful to use myself. 

I also allowed the school to use the illustration on the invitations to one of the events, and on the powerpoint that the 6th years made, and I used it on some of the folders of memorabilia that were on display at the events.

The picture shows the assembly hall, which is wedge shaped, and I wanted it to look a bit like a slice of cake so I left the rest of the school building off. I originally wanted a candle on top, but didn't have space. I've also been told the building looks like a spaceship in this picture! On the left are the school ties, a tree that's in the middle of the playing fields and has been there long before the school was built, and the pond that is no longer a pond, with my brother, my mum and myself on the bridge!

On the other side is the school badge, Falkland Hill, the River Leven Bridge which is just next to the school, and the circular car park.

And this is my initial sketch!

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