24 November 2016

GHS 50: Creating a school badge stamp

One idea I thought would be fun for the school anniversary displays was to have a souvenir stamp of the school badge that people could use. And luckily I had the materials on hand for making this - stamp carving block and tools, and a spare ink pad that people could use. I ended up actually making three stamps - one of the school badge, one of the school's initials, and one with 50 since it was the 50th anniversary.
To create a school badge stamp, draw the badge in reverse on the stamp carving block, then carve away the areas you don't want to print, leaving behind the parts you want to print in black (or whatever colour of ink you choose).
Put the stamp(s) and ink together in a box, and create a sign letting people know they can use them. Add a pile of blank paper at the side.

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