11 November 2016

Dolls in dresses

After BlytheCon UK 2016 was over, it was time to get the dolls into their new outfits! It took a while to decide who would get to wear what. Here's hoping that this time they don't stay in the same outfits for three years!

Enid is keeping her prize-winning Mini-me outfit on for now, although she did get to wear the new waistcoat since it matches!

Zoe's got the little knitted top I won in the raffle.

This outfit is perfect on my little French girl Audrey!

Jemima is keeping her tartan hat on for now, but has a new outfit to go with it.

Sakura was the lucky one who got to wear the blue birdies dress first!

This outfit goes really well with Saffron's colours.

My nature-loving girl Mariel was the obvious choice for the fox jumper!

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