09 October 2016

Sunday self-portraits: Sailor style

I've wanted a yellow raincoat for ages, and this summer I finally decided on this one from Seasalt. I love it! It's really comfy (the stripey lining is so soft!), and not too heavy. Finally I have a sensible coat to wear in the rain, but it's amazingly stylish too.
Another thing I've wanted for a while is a striped dress, seeing as I wear my Breton style striped tops so much, so when I was ordering my raincoat I decided to get this one at the same time. It immediately became one of my favourite items of clothing, and I've since ordered one in a different colour! I usually tend to wear it with this necklace which was a £1 bargain from Miss Selfridge years ago, black tights, and my black and white Clarks shoes. I usually like to wear a lot of colour, but I'm loving this monochrome look at the moment.

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Unknown said...

So cute♥♡♥

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