29 September 2016

This month I have been mostly...

I've been getting into reading some local authors. I've always meant to read some Val McDermid, so I started by reading her factual book about forensics. A friend had invited me to go to the Bloody Scotland crime fiction festival, and after seeing Val McDermid on tv mention being inspired by the Chalet School books, I knew I had to go and see her, so I booked tickets straight away. So in preparation for that I started reading The Mermaids Singing, and I'm really enjoying her style of writing.

I've also been reading books by another local author, who was also inspired by the Chalet School, Jenny Colgan. I absolutely loved her books Class and Rules, which gave the traditional boarding school story a modern twist.

And going to Bloody Scotland added lots of books to my to-read list!

I haven't really been watching a lot of tv this month as I've been so busy doing other things. I've even been struggling to keep up with Beck, University Challenge, and Only Connect. I've also been recording Joanna Lumley's Japan.
All the lovely foods I didn't eat much of while I had braces. Corn-on-the-cob and spare ribs were the ones I had to have as soon as possible! Also popcorn, steak, bombay mix, Toblerone, Caramel Wafers, crispy bacon, fizzy drinks, muesli, and all sorts of sweeties!

I've started a little collection of pins on a Japanese theme! I already had one of Kyoto, and one that looks like a plum blossom, so when Marceline brought out her Mount Fuji pin I just had to have it! And then I added a couple more - the limited edition soy sauce fish by TingsByUs, and the matcha latte one by Queenie's Cards.

The school where I work is approaching its 50th anniversary, so I've been doing a lot for that - taking photos, finding old photos and documents and getting them all sorted out, doing research in libraries and online, and collecting addresses of former staff to invite. It's hard work and it has taken up a lot of my free time, but I hope that people will enjoy the events.
I've also been trying to have a little cycle after work whenever the weather allows. And a lot of smiling with my straight teeth!

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