19 September 2016

Embroidered jeans

I saw a picture of a great pair of embroidered shorts that were going to be in Issue 68 of Mollie Makes. I didn't ever get round to buying that issue, though (Asda don't stock it any more and I'm not often in a branch of WH Smith that has it! OK, so I should subscribe, but I like to buy magazines as a treat when I'm out and about). So I decided to have a go at embroidering a pair of jeans in a similar manner, without the pattern.
It was great fun choosing the colours of embroidery thread to use for this project. Luckily I got a job lot of embroidery threads years ago, so I have almost every imaginable colour! I used a piece of floral patterned fabric with a blue background as inspiration for the colour scheme.
I roughly drew the leaf shapes on with a white fabric pencil, then embroidered them in different styles and colours. The whole project took me a couple of afternoons.

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