15 September 2016

Adventures in Space

As a big fan of sci-fi (books, TV and films), this exhibition about science fiction and architecture was a must for me. 

I was a little disappointed about it in some ways, as there were only illustrations on the wall and no items associated with the books, films or TV shows the exhibition was about - I had hoped there would be display cases with old copies of books and comics, and some stills and props from films and TV shows, as well as some photos of the real-world architecture that they were being compared to. This seems to be a trend with exhibitions, as I felt something similar about the Nature of Art Nouveau exhibition last year. While it's nice to have some boards on the wall telling you about a subject, this is something that could be displayed in, for example, a shopping centre or park, and I expect a bit more from a gallery.

Having said that, it was great to be reminded of all my favourite sci-fi, and to see illustrations representing them all. And to see "Don't Panic" displayed in large friendly letters on the wall!

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