16 July 2016

Acrylic jewellery making class

This is the final post about the three jewellery classes I've been to recently. This one was run by I Am Acrylic, and was held at Hannah Zakari in Edinburgh.
Brendan and Ruth had sent out a helpful PDF in advance, explaining the size of the acrylic pieces and giving some ideas, so I did some sketches and came up with a design of two blue birds and a heart.
The technique we used for cutting the acrylic was the same as I'd used for silver in the past, so I got the hang of it pretty quickly (and amazingly I managed to get through without breaking a saw blade!). I was surprised at how achy I got while cutting the pieces out, especially in the hand that was holding the piece. Ruth and Brendan were very attentive, coming round and making sure that we all knew what we were doing.
When the pieces for my necklace were ready, Ruth drilled them and, when I'd filed them and given the edges a run with vaseline, added jump rings and chains. While I was waiting for this, Brendan told me that I would have time to make another necklace, so I decided on a quick lightning bolt.

After the class I couldn't resist buying their cloud and lightning earrings to match my lightning necklace!

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