20 June 2016

Edinburgh College of Art degree show

Last month I visited the Edinburgh College of Art degree show. I didn't have time to look round all of it, so I decided to concentrate on the two subjects that interest me most, illustration and jewellery! These are both located in Evolution House.

I was really impressed with all the work. In the jewellery department, I absolutely loved Li Wanshu's pieces which are bright and colourful, and glow under UV light.

Some of the illustrators whose work I particularly liked were Liv Wan and Paige Collins (both of whom I bought postcards by), Saskia Cameron, Mhairi Braden, and Victoria Rose Ball.

There was a great free newspaper showing all the artists' work, so it was good to be able to take that home and read more about them. 
One of the interesting things I noticed this year, both at Edinburgh and Duncan of Jordanstone, was that there seemed to be people taking photographs of the artworks as they were looking round, and I've seen a few bloggers posting photos from their visits to degree shows. It's always been my understanding that taking photos was not allowed unless you asked the individual artist's permission, and the artists are not always present, so I've never done so. Is this something that the unwritten ground rules have changed on, I wonder? 

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