03 May 2016

Wicked workshop

Last month I went to a choir workshop in Edinburgh to learn to sing two songs from the musical Wicked - One Short Day and For Good. The workshop was led by my own choir leader, Rachel, and the Edinburgh choir leader, Elaine.

I hadn't ever seen the musical before, so I prepared for the workshop by reading the book Wicked, and downloading the two songs.
The workshop was held in the Assembly Roxy, and it was a great place to have it. The atmosphere was enhanced by bunting and lanterns.

It was great fun learning the two songs, and I particularly liked the fact that there were a lot more Upper Sopranos (my part) than in my usual choir where there are about 5 of us!

As well as the two songs we were learning, the choir leaders got into costume, Rachel as Elphaba and Elaine as Galinda, and performed a couple of other songs from the musical.

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