19 May 2016

Recently thrifted

I recently went to the Vintage Weekend which was held in the Grassmarket in Edinburgh. As well as a variety show, fashion show, and vintage cars, there were a number of stalls selling vintage items.

The very first stall had a couple of crates with items for just £2 each, and I immediately spotted this pack of cards with illustrations of a multitude of different flowering plants. I love unusual playing cards, illustrations, and flowers, so these were perfect for me!
I bought them not knowing much about them, but it appears it's a sort of Happy Families type game. But I just like looking at them!

They are the sort of item I could imagine giving away as freebies with Etsy orders, if I could bear to part with any, which I can't, and I'm not selling anything I could give them away with anyway! They would also make good bookmarks.
I also bought an amazing 1970s long dress in Armstrongs, after being inspired by the fashion show. It's black with a floral design. I don't have any photos of me wearing it yet, but here's the pattern!

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