19 April 2016

Planner love

One of my plans for my Easter holidays was to get more organised. At the beginning of the week I ordered a lovely planner from kikki.K, and by the end of the week it had arrived! I'd been admiring other people's planners online for some time, and, to tell the truth, I'd wanted one since Filofaxes became popular in the 1980s!

I chose the tangerine one, which just happens to match the make-up bag I got from Birchbox that I use as a pencil case! I'm going to print some of my custom to-do lists in matching colours too!

Part of the reason I decided on a planner was that I'd come to the end of a notepad that had lots of pockets in it, and realised that I was constantly having to transfer information from an old notepad to a new one. 
The other reason - too many pieces of loose paper, and struggling to remember where particular information was! Now I'm working on transferring the information from these to my planner.

And the best thing - gathering together all the fun supplies to use with my planner!

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