23 April 2016

Celts exhibition

The Celts exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland was a great opportunity to break out my Moleskine sketchbook for the first time in years, and also to use the wonderful gold paint which was a gift from my friend Miki in Japan.
No photography was allowed in the exhibition, so my only way to record my memories of it was in the sketchbook. The low light levels did make this a bit challenging!
I drew those items that most caught my eye as I was walking around the exhibition, starting in pencil then going over it in pen. It was fun working out how to fit the items together on the page in a pleasing layout as I went along. I used some of the details of the Battersea Shield to inspire the lettering of the word Celts, so that it fitted in with the theme.
Luckily there were some portable seats available, so I took advantage of one of these, which made it easier than standing up! After I'd been round the whole exhibition I sat down with the gold paint and a water brush, and added the gold details. The photos don't really do justice to how lovely the gold paint is! I added the red and white marker pen when I got home.

I love the way that drawing items in a museum makes you look at them really closely, and helps you to remember them.

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