21 March 2016

Ring carving workshop

This is something I’ve been really looking forward to – a lost-wax carving session with CARVE to make a unique silver ring!
I first heard about CARVE through Wardrobe Conversations. I followed CARVE on Facebook eagerly awaited there being another workshop. When I saw there was going to be one at Fire Station Creative in Dunfermline, I immediately booked a place.

After I’d booked a place, I began to put ideas together of what kind of ring I’d like to make. While I generally wear quite dainty rings on an everyday basis, I do like chunky rings for wearing occasionally. I thought this would be a good way of getting a chunky silver ring without it being hugely costly (OK, it is £65, but I thought this was not too bad for the workshop and the finished ring).

I pinned lots of ideas on a Pinterest board, and I looked out some of my costume jewellery for ideas. Then I made some sketches.
The workshop was great - the tutors really explained well what to do, and gave hints and tips on how to achieve the particular designs people wanted to do. First we used a ring-sizer with a cutting edge to make the hole the right size, then used files and carving tools to shape the ring. And there were some amazing cakes to keep everyone going!
Once the carved wax ring was finished, it was popped in an envelope along with instructions as to how the silver casting was to be finished - there were various finishes available (matt, polished etc.).
Now I just have to wait for the ring to arrive through the post, which should be very soon! I can’t wait to see it, and to show it off!

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