13 February 2016

Space books

Along with geometric shapes and crystals, constellations are part of my theme for this month's posts. So I thought I would show off some of my books on the subject of space.
I got The Guinness Book of Astronomy around the time I was at university, and it was my astronomy bible in the days before I used the internet as my main source of information. When I got obsessed with the moons of Jupiter, this is where I found the list of them to memorise! Of course, years later I discovered there were lots more smaller moons, so I had lots more to learn (which really only comes in handy when watching the quiz show Pointless!).

The Ladybird books have gorgeous illustrations, and one of them was my first introduction to learning about the night sky. And the daytime sky too - we observed an eclipse using techniques from the book!

Oops - this one is not really mine!

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