22 January 2016

Travel memories: Sestri Levante

Sestri Levante, where the group stayed for the second half of the holiday, was a lovely place, and luckily the weather was great for the afternoon and morning that I had free to explore the town. It faces onto two bays, the larger one where our hotel faced, and the smaller Bay of Silence which had a lovely sandy beach. On the morning I was leaving I collected some beautiful sea-glass and pebbles there in the sunshine. I also explored up the hill towards the Castelli where we'd had dinner the evening before.

Pesto-making demo

Delicious food in the sunshine



Trompe l'oeil decorations on the buildings

Interesting stone-work

My favourite shop in Sestri - it sold children's books and illustrated items

The stunning Oratory of Santa Caterina

Bay of Silence

Church bells in the morning

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