09 October 2015

Tuscany journal

Soon I will be heading off on holiday to Tuscany and the Italian Riviera! I've wanted to go to Tuscany ever since I saw the film A Room With a View when I was a teenager, and now I'm finally going!

Music - Michele Candotti - A Song for Italian Summer (via Jamendo)

For all the holidays I've taken on my own, I've used a Moleskine Japanese album, which is one huge long piece of card folded into a concertina of pages. As you can see from this post, I love to decorate the pages of my journals, but I don't always have a lot of time to do this when I'm on holiday, so I often decorate them appropriately before I go.

For my Italy trip, I decided to go for a long, continuous Tuscan landscape that extends over the whole of one side of the paper, with rolling hills and lots of little towns, houses, trees, etc.
First I sketched the landscape in pencil, then I went over the lines with a fine black pen, and erased the pencil marks. I filled in the hillsides with various shades of green and yellow watercolour, then painted the trees and rooftops. I added some lines in the cultivated fields. Finally I added shadows beside the trees and buildings. I added some lettering at the start of the journal, with where I'm going and the dates.

When I go on holiday, I will write in the area above the landscape, and on the back of the paper I will stick any little mementos.

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