27 September 2015

Sunday self-portraits: #iwillwearwhatilike

Over the month of August I took part in #iwillwearwhatilike on Instagram. This was organised by Catherine of Not Dressed as Lamb, in response to a ridiculous article telling women in their 30s and 40s what they should not be wearing.

I took part in about 2/3 of the items, depending on what I had in my wardrobe. Some days I used photos I had taken on previous occasions. It was great to see lots of women around my own age wearing all the items we are not "supposed" to wear, having fun doing so, and looking fantastic!
Short dresses

Lots of colours

Short skirts

Rainbow hair

 Booty shorts

Long hair

Leopard print, hoop earrings, scrunchies and blue eyeshadow

Pink, mis-matched socks, bedazzled items, crop tops

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