18 June 2015

Outlander filming location in Dysart

I headed to Dysart the other weekend to see where they were setting up to film Outlander. I haven't even watched Outlander yet, but I do intend to, so I thought it would be fun to go for a look. It's only about a 15 minute drive to Dysart from where I live. 
When I got there, even though it was about 10.30 on a dreary Sunday morning, there were already lots of other people about wanting a look at the filming location. One side of the harbour has been set up with lots of barrels, carts, and other items, and in the harbour is a tall ship. Unfortunately the best view of the ship was from the cafe, and they weren't letting you take photos. The footpath above would have been a good place to look down from, but it was all closed off.

But I did get some photos from other angles around the harbour. It was a bit of a blustery morning for walking out along the sea wall, but I went there first for a look. Then I walked up the road a little to a gap where you could look down towards the ship.
Although I'd been to Dysart lots of times before, I hadn't really explored the area down at the water, and it was really nice! It's amazing that you can have places on your doorstep that you've not really explored before.
There are lots of other places around the area where Outlander has also been filmed, such as Falkland and Culross. I'm lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world!

 Boat name plates

Dunno - I'm guessing a sailor's good luck charm??

Houses at the water front

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