10 June 2015

My collections: Japanese dolls

Today I'm starting a new feature on the blog, showing you some of my many collections! I can't even begin to think how many items I collect - postcards, Wade Whimsies, vintage jewellery, vintage children's books to name just a few!
Today I'm starting by showing you some of my Japanese dolls. This is a collection that I didn't consciously start, but it just seemed to grow over the years. These pictures show just some of them!
I love my Japanese dolls, which are in all sorts of different styles, with some modern and some vintage. They live mainly in the living room and bedroom, with a few scattered elsewhere around the house.
Last year I put most of my vintage mini kokeshi on these shelves, and I think they look great grouped together like this. In the middle is the tiny shrine that belonged to my gran and helped to spark my interest in Japan.

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