21 May 2015

Recently thrifted

I have been looking for a vintage sideboard for quite a while, but just at the moment I started looking they seemed to no longer be available in any of the charity shops! I kept my eyes open, but with no success, until I started thinking about it from a different angle - what if I was to get a vintage dressing table and remove the mirror?

It proved a bit easier to find one of these - one of my favourite local charity shops posted a picture of one on their Facebook page. It was perfect, with the tapered legs I was looking for. Unfortunately I saw this after they had closed on a Saturday, and had to wait until the Monday (I was on holiday that week) to see if it was still there! Luckily it was, and I could see that the mirror would be easy to remove. 

It only cost me £40 plus £5 delivery, and the lady apologised that they wouldn't be able to deliver it until the following morning - which I thought was pretty quick! And I was able to get them to remove the big old TV unit it was replacing too!

In one of the cupboards was the original tag from when it had been bought for £30 in 1972!

Another fun little find was this little blue dish. I'd been admiring Komon dishes online, and this dish satisfied my desire for something similar, with a fairly simple graphic blue and white Japanese style design.

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