04 May 2015

Pompom cushion

I'm starting off a whole week of cushion projects with this super-easy update for any cushion cover - pompoms!

I'd decided that I wanted to freshen up my living room by having a more eclectic selection of cushions, so I was keeping my eyes open in the charity shops for interesting fabrics. That's where I found this grey polka-dot cushion, and it was a perfect candidate for being brightened up with some funky yellow pompoms.

To make my pompoms I did the following:
1. Cut two circles from thin plastic, with a slit cut across them.
2. Place them together and begin winding the wool around. Leave a small space either side of the slot. I found about 100 winds of the wool worked well.
3. Hold in the centre, and cut the wool around the edge.
4. Push a length of wool in between the two pieces of plastic and tie it tightly.
5. Remove the plastic.
6. Trim the pompom.

Make four pompoms, and sew them to the corners of your cushion cover. You can make them all the same colour as I did, or why not make them all different colours!

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