04 April 2015

Gallery wall

I few weeks back I told you about the gallery wall I was planning for my bedroom, and now it's finally complete!

Here's the process I went through:

1. Choose a selection of art that will work well together, in terms of colour, frame types, etc.

2. Measure the area you'd like to fill with art, and mark the margins with masking tape.

3. Lay the pieces of art out in front of this (I put them on the bed) and rearrange until you're happy with the layout.
4. Photograph the layout so you don't forget what it looks like!

5. Cut wrapping paper to the size of each piece of art. Mark on the paper where the hanger is.
6. Tape the pieces of paper to the wall, rearranging as necessary.

7. Hammer nails in where the marks are on the paper.

8. Remove the paper.

8. Hang the art on the wall!

I'll show you how the gallery wall fits in with the rest of the bedroom soon!

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