27 March 2015

Neon hair grips

I am maybe possibly perhaps beginning the journey of growing out my fringe! It started with laziness, because I'm decorating my bedroom and my hair cutting scissors are buried somewhere in the mess of bedroom items in my craft room, and continued when I saw on Pinterest all the cute hairstyles that were possible for a growing-out fringe!

One thing I really wanted to try was making a statement of my hair grips. So I went shopping for some neon hair grips, and couldn't find any! I ordered some online, but decided to have a go at making my own while I was waiting for them!
All you need for this project are hair grips, nail polish and a piece of card!

1. Place the hair grips on the card.
2. Paint the surface of each hair grip with nail polish.
Now you can customise hair grips to match every outfit! In fact, I'll maybe make some to match the coloured elastics on my braces!

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